Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend Update

Jeep went back to Bangkok today... back to school. Things aren't really working out between us, and I'm going to see some other people... starting with Jeep's cousin actually. Jeep's cousin works in Bangkok selling mobile phones, is quite pretty, and is named Wanjan, or "Monday", which is how I shall refer to her.

Sunday night is traditionally TQ2 night at the Wrinkle Household, Thailand Branch. I usually only go for an hour or so. I always wind up leaving feeling really guilty, because I buy one draft beer (Steve has these water-filled plastic beer mugs that he keeps in the freezer for extra-frosted beer mug fun). By the time I'm two thirds of the way through my first beer, Steve buys me a free beer, and Bob (from Bob's BBQ) brings out a pile of free food (his restaurant has a kitchen at TQ2 as well). By the time I'm halfway through my second beer, it's time for me to go home. I wind up spending only about $2 for the entire evening.

I need to remember to buy a round for everybody right off the bat... before Steve gets around to it. Otherwise, I'm going to get a reputation as a mooch or something.

The new tiles in the pool are finally dry, and it's now time to fill up the big hole. Unfortunately, in Thailand, the fire department won't come and fill your pool with their high-pressure 5-inch fire hoses. Nope. We do it the old fashioned way here: Garden hose. Fortunately, my house has 4 hoses and 4 nozzles, so it should only take about 30 hours... at least if the water doesn't run dry, like it has as of 8:00 Monday morning.

Wednesday, I'm going on a cruise with Steve and his friends out to the islands for a party. I've invited Monday along. Should be fun.

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