Saturday, September 17, 2005

Update on that Petrojob

Before I started this blog, I had mentioned in an e-mail (that most of you didn't receive) that a friend of mine, Mike, was going to start working with a company to design mercury filters for the oil industry, and that he would need a technical writer, and would want me to do that.

Well, two weeks ago, I met up with Mike and some of his business buddies at the Hopf Brewery on Beach Road, and we all had a good time. Last Sunday, Mike brought over one of Asia's top petrochemical engineers to my house, and we all had a good time. (I gambled right... filled my refrigerator with Foster's... and made an Australian friend.)

According to Mike, I am now officially considered "fun" by all of his business associates, and am on a 1-person list of potential technical writers for their company.

In other words, I've got the job... it just remains to be seen whether or not they will need me. I'm pretty sure they will though.

Oh... p.s. Just so you know, I won't be quitting my bread-and-butter job of transcribing. However, if (as I discussed in the original e-mail), after writing all of the technical manuals for the maintenance of these new-fangled mercury filters, I am officially qualified to go into the field with Mike and his company and give courses as an industry consultant on these mercury filters (for about $5,000 a day), I might move on. Until then, I'm staying put.

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