Friday, May 11, 2007

Daily Report: Kronborg Restaurant Review

After having ridden back from the airport the other day with a Danish fellow, I thought it might be fun to try a Danish restaurant tonight. This led us to the Kronborg Restaurant on Soi Diana.

More of a biker bar than a restaurant, the place still is Danish, and still is a restaurant. (Though if the presence of some heavy-duty rough-neck tattooed 300-pounders makes you an uncomfortable diner, well... see below.)

Tonight, it was me and Pui, Stan and Mem, as well as Ray (back from his time in hell/Connecticut) joining us.

Danish food is a pretty straightforward affair: You get meatballs in gravy, potatoes, pickled beets, and pickled cucumbers. You can vary that recipe to some extent, but generally that's the gist of a Danish meal. (I now expect angry comments from my Danish readers about all the different kinds of Danish food available. Thank you in advance... and please give me the address of a restaurant in Pattaya where I can find that food.)

Kronborg is the second Danish restaurant I have frequented (the first being a place on Soi Rungland... right next door to the place with the giant parrot... look for the Scandanavian flags... go there if bikers make you uncomfortable), and the meatballs, gravy, and pickled beets at Kronborg are a cut above that other place.

Anyway, it's a nice little restaurant with a fair menu.

After Kronborg, it was out to Lennies, where Bob was catering a party which had ordered one of his world-record-sized hamburgers. However, he got delayed, so Pui and I didn't hang around long enough to see it.

Instead, we went off to TQ2 where I plied the ladies with drinks — as did Pui. I also wound up talking to a fellow named Ed: Retired at age 41 as a Major from the U.S. Air Force. If you could transplant my 37-year-old brain back into my 19-year-old body, I would still be in the Navy right now, counting the days towards retirement. Instead, my 19-year-old self with it's 19-year-old, I-hate-authority attitude bailed out of the Navy at the earliest possible moment. Call it a regret, I suppose... but where I'm at now ain't too shabby.

Oh... got another day of Petchabun put up, with photos. Now just the Visa Run to Penang to report about. I'm skipping the Tuesday Thai Tutorial until next week. My apologies go out to those of you hoping to get one this week.

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