Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your Local Chinky Restaurant Review

Tonight, it was off with Stan, Joe, and Eric to what has to be Pattaya's most politically-incorrectly-named restaurant, the Chinese restaurant "Your Local Chinky", located across the street from Crazy Dave's on Soi Chayapum.

The restaurant bills itself as Western-style Chinese food... or in other words, the same Chinese food that you've enjoyed all your life out of cardboard boxes. With that in mind, I went in with high hopes.

Unfortunately, the restaurant carries a rather modest selection of Chinese dishes, and most of the menu items that I immediately think of when I think of New York City Chinese restaurant food (egg drop soup, egg foo young, wontons, dumplings, General Tso's chicken, lo mein, scallion pancakes, and even fortune cookies) were not to be found. The hot and sour soup on offer was nothing like what it is in America (although I do remember the Marriott served a pretty good facsimile, so it is possible to have it here), and most of the other dishes, while tasting fine, were pretty close to standard Thai dishes albeit modified enough to be able to call it "Chinese" if you wanted to.

There was a very good lemon chicken though, and the pork balls in sweet and sour sauce are worth a try.

Prices were fair, and eight dishes in the center of the table, plus beers and a round of soup came to 350 baht per person.

Anyway, from there it was around the corner to Oasis AGoGo for their 2-for-1 happy hour. (One of Pattaya's best-kept secrets, that place.) Then off to TQ2 for Alf's going-away party. Then over to Lennies, where Bob and Sam were serving up some Mexican food, trying to fine-tune the menu of Bob's new restaurant opening in Carrefour on July 1st.

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Anonymous said...

Closed long ago when the owner died, from eating the food no doubt, fried rice 110 baht I mean come on, its 20 baht in most Thai food places, the place is now the Oasis a go go.