Monday, September 05, 2005

Party For The Boos

The rain did manage to stop around noontime... although the day remained rather gray. Jeep arrived from Bangkok on the bus at around 3:30 and I picked her up at the bus station and from there we went directly to my friend Steve's (of TQ2 and Mermaid's) birthday party.

Steve has a nice house in the north of Pattaya where he lives with his wife and 3 kids. He is originally from Brooklyn. I met his parents last time I visited his house. His mother used to be a teacher... can't remember what his father did. They both remembered visiting Hammondsport, a small village near where I grew up. Steve's parents are retired and come and live with Steve for 3 or 4 months out of the year. (Hint hint mom and dad.)

The party was fun. Steve had brought his frozen margarita machine home from TQ2 and had one slushy containiner for little kids, and one slushy container for big kids. Bob (of Bob's Bar-be-que) as always, supplied the food... ribs, burgers, chili, and some Thai food of course. Steve also had the (extremely short) magician who had entertained at his son's birthday party come back and entertain him at his as well. (In the photo, please note the exceptionally leggy magician's assistant... we all know why the midget magician does such good business... as most of his tricks are rather poor... such as the drooping flower gag seen here. Still though, he did have one or two tricks that weren't patently obvious, and nobody didn't allow themselves to completely enjoy the show.

The cake says "Happy Birthday Boos"... obviously ordered (and spelled) by the staff from TQ2 and/or Mermaids.

But seriously? It really wouldn't be a Thai Birthday party if the cake wasn't misspelled.

Most of the guests were other resident expatriates and their wives/girlfriends, and I always enjoy meeting the other people who live in Thailand all-year-round.

Everyone had a good time...

Except for this fellow, who surreptitiously opened Dad's birthday presents hoping to get another toy dinosaur, but was quite dissappointed.

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