Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nordic Garden Restaurant Review

Nordic Garden Restaurant is about
halfway down Soi 4 of Pratumnak
Road on the left.

Plenty of parking, and very quiet.

Epril, Stan, Geoff, and Honey Mae.

The garden setting is quite nice.

The buffet is small but tasty.
This particular restaurant was a total stab in the dark. As a matter of fact, none of us even knew the name of the place before we got there. You see, as we were driving down the road to go eat at Cabbages & Condoms two weeks ago, Stan noticed a nice little restaurant on the left. A few days later, as Stan was talking to a friend of his about Cabbages & Condoms, that friend remarked on "another nice little place down that same road on the left." That cinched it for us: We had to give it a try.

What we discovered was the Nordic Garden Restaurant, a lovely little courtyard open-air restaurant with pools, waterfalls, trees, plants, live music, and a Friday-night, all-you-can-eat steak plus food buffet for 300 baht. It is basically the same principle as Captain's Quarter, but smaller, less expensive, and much better. (For those of you who want the best buffet in town without the all-you-can-eat steak, turn to White Night.) On nights other than Friday, they serve a regular menu, but I can't really speak to that.

For dinner, it was Jeff and Lee, Geoff and Honey Mae, Stan, Epril, and me. We sat in a nice little sala next to the pool, and then made our way over to the buffet.

The steak was simply great... nice and tender. There was a sweet bar-be-que sauce, or a pepper sauce to go with the freshly-grilled steak — beef, pork, or chicken. The buffet was a tad small, offering only 3 main courses, 2 soups, potatoes, rice, salad, fruit, bread, and 1 dessert. However: The main courses were excellent. There was a pork loin in one of the nicest gravies I've had in a while; there was chicken breast wrapped around asparagus, carrots, and potatoes in a light orange sauce, which was my personal favorite; and there were vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce. The entrees on the buffet were so good that I only had 2 small pieces of steak before spending the rest of my time eating off of the buffet. (Epril, on the other hand, a true carnivore, stuck close to the grill.)

There really isn't more to the restaurant or the meal than that; but what else do you need? For 300 baht, you can gorge yourself on steak which at other restaurants would cost you 2 or 3 times as much, if not more. If you're not a fan of steak, you have a very nice buffet served in a very nice setting. It's nothing overly special, but then again when you think about it: It is.


Svenne Farang said...

Thanks for all your detailed reports on what to do and what to eat and where in Pattaya. I especially liked this "Nordic" theme. I will try out some of your suggestions on my next Pattaya holliday.

I feel I want to share some information with you too. Here is one rather unknown thing to do. Maybe this is nothing that you are interested in at all. Anyway here it goes.

The Royal Thai Airforce museum. They have some rare airplanes here and few visitors, you can actually climb inside many of the airplanes too.

I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jil Wrinkle really knows what he is talking about. Great restaurant.