Saturday, May 12, 2007

Daily Report: Cornish Pasties and Jane's

Another up-late / work-late / work-little day. It's definitely another rut... and hopefully it goes away soon. It's one of the problems of being a work-at-home on-your-own kind of employee: There is nobody and nothing to motivate you except yourself. (Although eventually, a "WTF?" e-mail from my supervisor will arrive if I keep it up.)

I got the first day of my trip to Penang put up down below. Scroll down for photos of the tropical island paradise.

In the evening, I went over to Stan's house for dinner. Pui and Pot were already there. Pui was hanging out in Mem's home salon, while Pot was playing with the remote control car that Stan always keeps handy for the times when Pot visits.

I drove over to Stan's at 5:30 with Maid Go. (Apparently Mem and Pui had run out of unstyled hair, and needed a new victim.) I stopped on the way over there to admire the Thai version of a custom car show... a custom scooter show. I was really surprised at some of the work that had gone in to the bikes on display. The matching skateboard on the yellow bike was cute... but the custom shock system on the green motorcycle in the background was really impressive.

At Stan's, I had Cornish pasty and a sausage roll, while Stan had steak and kidney pie. After that, we watched The History Channel, flipped through Jane's Fighting Ships while discussing the effectiveness of British aircraft carriers, debated Napolean's death on St. Helena, and talked about the history and performance of the AC Cobra. (If it wasn't for the British accent and slightly — but only slightly — fuller head of hair, Stan is a perfect substitute for my own father.)

Anyway, it is now off to read my book (the second of 12 books of the Robert Jordan Wheel Of Time series... sci-fi/fantasy is my bag baby). Then, as per usual, asleep with the hopes of waking up early and putting in a solid day of work.


Anonymous said...

If I had your life, I'd simply kill myself. The staggering banality of it would be just too much to bear.

Jil In Pattaya said...

True. Night after endless night of drinking with all of my friends in gogo bars and partying and dancing with nearly-naked girls for hours on end... I might as well end it all and go to heaven now.