Thursday, December 07, 2006

Daily Report: Bubble Bath A-GoGos

I only did half a day of work, but (1) I knew in advance that I would be going out early, so the day was never going to be a full day, and (2) in the afternoon, work got a little difficult and it slowed down quite a bit, so the second quarter of my day took longer than it should have, (3) and in frustration after 3½ hours of that, I cut out the last planned hour of work, and instead got in the pool and exercised for a while.

It was out to TQ2 tonight for the all-you-can-eat free buffet from Bob's BBQ. Willie, Rick, and Frank joined me. Unfortunately, Bob had some problems today and (for what is the first, and presumably last time) wasn' able to do his buffet today. So pizzas were ordered instead, which was a nice change, but still a let-down. Mike and Riza showed up as well later on.

From TQ2, we went to What's Up A-GoGo, which I had never been to before. It's back past The Beach Club and Angelwitch. It was a nice place, and they have a little shower area in the back where you can watch the girls get all cleaned up.

After that, everybody voted to go to The Beach Club for their 50-baht draft beers. I went there last week and normally about once a year in that place is enough, and usually I only go there to impress the newbies, but I went along and we all had a beer. (I like this photo of Willie I took. It sums up The Beach Club very nicely.)

Then, it was up Walking Street to Club Boesche where there was another tub in the back and more girls covered in soap suds. We had another beer, and you couldn't chisel the grin off of Willie's or Frank's faces.

After our beer at Club Boesche, we went upstairs to X-Zone A-GoGo, where (whaddya know!) there were more girls covered in soap suds. Since it was getting on towards 10:30 at this point, and I wanted to be awake and functional tomorrow, I cashed in my chips after one beer. I'm pretty sure that Rick, Willie and Frank weren't too far behind me.

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