Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Daily Report: Jomtien Lunch

My before-lunch work load was a little light today. First, I was blogging a little bit too much, and then I wound up on the phone with Bob. There is one thing I like most about Bob: If you ever just want to talk, call Bob. I don't think I've had a 45-minute telephone conversation just "shootin' the shit" since I was a teenager. But with Bob, it's easy. He's got that laid back sitting-by-the-fishing-hole attitude that carries you right along, relaxed, just talking 'bout stuff.

I went out to lunch with Stan, Mad Mick, Steve B2 (previously called Aussie Steve by me until learning his proper nickname), and Glen. We met up on Jomtien at this little hole-in-the-wall that Stan loves because of their beef stew. I had a steak sandwich, and that was a mistake because the stew really is the only reason to go there.

Oddly enough, the restaurant is almost right across from where the "International Beach Football Tournament" is going to be taking place. I was right about the field. This photo is taken with me standing on the sidewalk, and the far side of the field is built up right to the water's edge. (If you'll notice, they removed the slope of the beach. There is about an 8-foot drop-off on the far side of the field.

After that, it was back home where I finally got some work done.

Oh... on the way home, I saw this beauty for sale on Tepprasit road. I'd like to see if I can find a way to pick this up... but truth be told, I'll probably wait. The same company that is selling this car sold a 1980 Corvette about 3 years ago, and I'd rather find out where that went and buy it instead.

Oh... by the way: I was looking at my blog's internet traffic stats today. I can use that to see what google searches people are doing that lead them to my site. "Steve Blumenthal" is the first search term to give me more daily hits than "ladyboys", which was always at the top of the list before Steve's passing. That's nice to know, in a way.

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