Sunday, December 17, 2006

Daily Report: Day Off

Since my 14-day work week ends at 1:00 p.m. local time, this afternoon was my one officially-allowed (by my rules) half day's vacation every 2 weeks.

I spent the afternoon with Pot. First we watched "Wallace and Gromit", and then we went swimming. Now that I am only speaking English to Pot, his ability to understand and speak English is growing quite nicely. I should have thought of that sooner.

This evening, it was out to Rick's bar where I hung out with Willie, Justin, Rick, and Frank. Da had just gotten back from Vientienne with her daughters, Sara and Peh, and therefore Pot (who loves Sara... though not always vice-versa... as the worst ass-beating that Pot has had in his life came from the 2½-year-old little girl) came along with me for play time at the bar.

I had Swedish meatballs from the Scandanavian restaurant next to Rick's for dinner. Now it is time for bed. A new work-week starts tomorrow morning, fresh and flowery.

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