Monday, March 12, 2007

Can't Say I Blame Them, But It's A Pound Of Cure

At some point before a very specific date in time, the Thai government should have realized that ShinCorp, a company that controls...
all of Thailand's mobile phone service;
the majority of Thailand's internet service;
Thailand's only satellite service;
Thailand's only independent television station; and
several other key Thai industries through stakeholdings a company that is probably a fairly important factor in Thai national security.

The point at which the Thai government should have realized that important fact was the day before business tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra sold his company to the government of Singapore... not the day after.

Now, of course, with all Thai military communications passing through Singaporean owned phone junctions, and Thailand relying on Singaporean owned satellite connections for weather details, and with Thai internet and mobile phone service controlled by Singapore, the Thai government is thinking that they want ShinCorp returned to them.

Gee. Ya think?

Next time, try an ounce of prevention: Protect your national security by imposing limits on which activities the companies that are vital to national security are able to engage in. Every other country on earth does this. Thailand should have done the same a while ago.
p.s. Etymology tidbit: Tycoon comes from the Japanese shogun title, taikun, and its first usage was as an affectionate nickname for Abraham Lincoln given to him by his cabinet members. ("Thai coon" jokes are welcome in the comments section... the animal, not the epithet, that is.)

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