Friday, January 26, 2007

Stpuid Prostitute Contest: Turnabout Not Fair Play

This one is a little more enraging to me: This time it was a working fellow who went home with a tourist, and he wound up drugged. The article does not say who drugged the prostitute. All that is known is that he was drugged while he was out for the evening with his farang boyfriend.

Now, when the story is about a prostitute drugging a tourist, we can assume (a) the tourist is stupid, and (b) the prostitute only takes the tourist's valuables. Nothing too serious... just stupidity, and the tourist's subsequent embarassment plus loss of some money and valuables.

However, when a prostitute winds up involuntarily drugged, we are forced to assume a much more malicious sexual (or worse) intent. Also, we don't want to get to a point where the local workers start mistrusting farangs. It's one thing to have common sense and wariness, but if we get to the point of mutual distrust, that's just unhealthy... especially in Pattaya.

So, while this post is titled "Stupid Prostitute Contest", it really is only a word play on the "Stupid Tourist Contest" posts below, which are posts concerning "the prostitute drugging the tourist". Truthfully, I feel sorry for this poor Thai fellow; I don't blame him at all; and I really hope that he wasn't hurt by whoever gave him this drug.

Also, I hope they catch whoever slipped him this drug. It certainly gives the tourists a bad name.

(p.s. This is the third post in a row concerning a gay person. This blog is now officially gay. But don't worry Mom: I'm going to go look at some naked girls now to de-gay myself. Our straight programming will resume momentarily, and J.I.P.'s gay/straight balance will be restored.)

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