Monday, January 08, 2007

End Of Trip Report

Just got back from my week-long vacation in Vientienne and Petchabun. (How sad is it that my list of priorities after getting back from vacation is (a) make coffee, (b) check e-mails, and (c) write in my blog?)

I had created Monday Vinnie, Wednesday Pot, and Friday Cat blogging entries before leaving, thinking that I would be putting in daily reports from the road — especially while in Vientienne — but unfortunately internet connectivity in Laos and Petchabun was still so horrendous due to the recent Taiwan earthquake that it took 5 minutes for the "blogger welcome page" to load, and I gave up entirely. So you have 3 photo posts to enjoy in the meantime.

So keep an eye out below this post for updates that I will be filling in regarding my trip with lots of photos and newsy tidbits. I won't put them all up at once, because with the start of 2007, I've decided to start working for a living and will be focusing on getting paid to sit at a computer, instead of entertaining you, my readers. Sorry 'bout that.

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Anonymous said...

Hey welcome back! So glad to hear from you-- I thought you had vanished into the wilds. ;) -Nancy