Monday, January 08, 2007

Daily Report: Days Without Beginning

Overnight buses are kind of nice (when other travel options aren't available) because it's a pretty sure thing that you'll sleep at least partway to your destination. (I'm probably the worst on-the-bus sleeper person, but even I manage to nod off during the overnight.)

The problem is that when your destination is your home, you arrive home at the end of a long trip and feel like it's time to wind everything down, but instead the day is just starting, and it's time to get a move on. An important part of your day at home — the part where you open your eyes and stare at your alarm clock — is missing.

I got in a quarter day of work (not including sifting through a week's worth of e-mails) before eating lunch and taking a nap, and then got in a half day of work before sitting down to dinner. Then it was an hour watching The 4400, and then an hour writing the first travel post for January 1st down below. (Yes... with all the photoshopping, the HTML programming, and the composing, and editing, and the tweaking, it takes about that long to do a single photo-heavy blog entry for me. But that's principally because I'm fussy. Most people can do it in one-tenth that time.)

Anyway, early night to bed, as the nap I took earlier today really didn't make up for the lost sleep on the bus (asleep finally at 2:00 a.m., awake at 5:30).

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