Thursday, July 19, 2007

TQ2 Visited By Boys In Brown

It seems that sometime around midnight last night, two undercover police officers paid a visit to TQ2. Shortly thereafter, the boys in brown came in and did their duty. However, with all the things in TQ2 that might pique the interest of the authorities, the only person the police seemed to be interested in was Farang manager Russ, for working in Thailand without a work permit, and Thai manager Wood, apparently for hiring Russ.

I'm inclined to agree with Bob: It sounds like somebody is jealous of the fact that TQ2 is the most popular joint in town now. Too bad.

It looks like it was an ex-employee angry about the loss of her ability to steal from the cash register who turned Russ in.


ding said...

Isn't that pretty serious - working without a permit ? What will the outcome be ?

Jil In Pattaya said...

I'm not entirely certain, but some money has been paid already, and probably some more will be paid before all is said and done. Whether or not Russ will be back in TQ2 is a much less clear / less likely picture.

Anonymous said...

Pattaya is a place where one needs to be careful. Working with out a Work Permit is Stupid