Monday, July 30, 2007

Thailand Abusing Human Rights of Migrant Workers

Illegal migrant workers in Thailand have a tough time of things, but as you will see, migrant workers who are in Thailand legally have some problems of their own with working in Thailand as well.

It seems, in contravention to "Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that freedom of movement of the individual is a basic human right", Thailand has passed local laws restricting the rights of migrant workers, including...
"a ban on the use of mobile phones, motorcycles and cars, restricting assembly to less than 5 individuals, as in the case of Chiang Mai, and a curfew for migrant workers from 8 pm to 6 am, confining them to “barracks”, so to speak."
Thailand really should re-think these sorts of regulations. They are doing it because they think that migrant workers commit crime (and I'll admit: they do), but subjecting one group of people to a different set of laws and enforcement efforts based on their citizenship is definitely not a practice that should find traction in the modern world.

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