Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet The God Of Photo Editing

My former career in New York City was as a graphic artist... and my one speciality was photo retouching. I would say that when it comes to photo retouching, I'm better than 99% of the photoshoppers out there.

Meet the other 1 percent:

Just so you don't have to ask: I slowed it down and checked it all out... although I'm not sure on each tool and process and setting, I'm pretty sure that's a real photoshop job, and not video fakery.

And just so you don't have to ask, part 2: Yes... the photos on my blog are often edited, but never to create a new reality or a false truth... only for camera/photographer error/inaccuracy, to remove clutter, or to join contiguous photos together. For example, just yesterday, photo 1 plus photo 2 became photo 3. But that's about as complicated as I can get. So don't even think it: I can't photoshop Pui into the pretty lady I put on my blog... she always looks like that.

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