Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thailand Can Always Outdo America In Some Ways

I remember back a few months ago, somebody snapped this photo of Britney Spears driving a car with her baby sitting on her lap. America went absolutely nuts with outrage.

I wonder what they would think about this guy?(And in case you lost count, that's four kids — 2 in front, 2 in back — on the motorcycle with him. None of them with helmets.)


Anonymous said...

Thankfully; Thailand has not regressed into the lawer-happy sue-everyone capitalist state that America has become.

Comparing, apples and oranges. Leave Thailand alone; she has been doing fine longer than the USA.

Harry said...

you bring pot to gogos. you're no better jerkoff.


Jil In Pattaya said...

And you're a rapist and sex-offender Harris, and everybody knows it. Taking girls back to your house and attacking them, and then dumping them off on an empty road?

You deserve everything you've gotten so far out of life (which in general seems to be nothing), and hopefully the people you've pissed off and stolen from only see you in court, and not on some empty street to settle their scores with you. (Granted, you only steal from girls, it seems... probably because they are the only ones who can't kick your puny little ass.)

You're such a loser with no friends that you can't find anybody except me to add as a friend to your facebook page. Hah. That's about as low as you can get: Inviting somebody who would beat the shit out of you as soon as look at you as a friend to your website. By the way: Thanks but no thanks on that invitation, you sqeaky-voiced little pansy.

I saw you there that night in Coyotees, and you almost got yourself pounded by me and my friends. Did you know that? You should thank me, because it was me wanting to enjoy the show that kept you from getting an ass beating. You should be careful you know... next time, we all might decide to follow you out of the club and get you... or just follow you home. You never know, do you? (That must be a sucky part of your existence... always looking over your shoulder in case somebody like me is behind you.)

By the way: What a loser, sitting by yourself in that gogo bar drinking bottled water. No friends. Well, at least you tipped 10 baht. Impoverished wanker... surprised you had the money to pay for your airfare back to Canada... or did you get your poor mother to buy the ticket for you? She seems to pay for all of your mistakes, doesn't she? You steal, and she pays. Nice job scumbag.

And the best you can do back at me is to complain that Pui and I brought Pot to a GoGo bar? Heh. That's rich. Go apologize to your mother for all the misery you've put her through, and then come back and we'll compare notes on who's got the problems.

By the way... the next time you decide to steal someone elses' life and claim it as your own to ameliorate your own sad existence, don't steal mine, and don't steal Franky's. Instead find somebody who is at least only halfway as fucked up as you are... to make it at least partway believable.

Come back and comment more Harris. It's so much fun making fun of you, and I really only take the time to do it when you visit.

Anonymous said...

You are a social shitbird; if I EVER see you, believe me I will not be near as pleasant as Jil. I don't hate many people but this world would be much better without you wasting it's oxygen. I will pray tonight that we meet and you will get fucked up...and your cunt of a mother will bless the day that her demon seed is wiped from this earth.
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Jil, PUI and POT are awesome; you are doing well for yourself, good blog.

Franky said...

Harris is a jerkoff.

Jil In Pattaya said...

Don't worry about Harris Black, Franky. I almost got his ass arrested on his last visit to Pattaya when I knew he'd be at a Passover party. However, since Harris is not sitting in a Thai jail right now on visa violations, I can only assume that the police blew me off, or Harris wasn't on overstay, or Harris wasn't at the party.

No matter... when he comes back to Pattaya next time... if there is a next time... I'll get him.

Franky said...

I am not worried about him; he is a genital wart.