Tuesday, June 26, 2007

German Man Assassainated In Pattaya

A German man was shot to death coming back from buying beer at the local 7-11.

The news story places quite a bit of its focus on the fellow's housing arrangements: He bought a house for his ex-wife, and then leased it from her for 30 years (probably for no money, I'm assuming). He then split up with his ex-wife, threw her out of the house, and set up shop in the house with a new lady.

When the ex-wife tried to get her house back, the courts ruled that the lease was valid, and she would have to wait 30 years before she could set foot in her house again.

So, assuming what we are all assuming about this murder... and of course it is possible that we may be assuming wrong... this could be a good lesson to everyone: Even the most iron-clad legal arrangements for owning a house with a Thai lady don't stand a snowball's chance in hell against a hail of bullets.

It turns out that this was indeed murder for hire, but in a surprise twist of events, the gunman was another farang... a Frenchman on the run from the law back in Europe. This unfortunately is a contradiction to my belief that criminals laying low in Pattaya are the people least likely to commit crimes.

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Franky said...

Don't be worth more dead; than alive.