Monday, October 08, 2007

Penang Puts Limit Of Three On 60+30 Day Visas

I think it is probably not unreasonable to expect to see all Thai embassies and consulates follow Penang's lead, and start limiting the number of 60+30 days visas they approve to 3 per passport. This means that if you are staying in Thailand on tourist visas, you can only go to any one Thai embassy 3 times for a 60+30 day tourist visa before you cannot go there again. (I will mention that I heard the Thai embassy in Vientienne was doing the same thing almost 6 months ago, and I was there only 2½ months ago, and they don't seem to be "counting visas" at all... although the lack of some kind of mark in my passport doesn't mean that they aren't keeping track.)

Even if it is true, this isn't really as bad as it seems: There are about a dozen Thai consulates and embassies within a 3-hour flight of Bangkok, and if all of them will only give you three 3-month visas, that represents almost 9 years of tourist visas (almost 18 years, if you also do the permitted number of every-30-day border runs to Cambodia as well) that you can get before you have to start flying to Seoul and Hong Kong and New Delhi for your visas (assuming that they don't reset the clock at some point or do reject new passports under the same name). Also, you can still fly back to your home country and just get the 1-year visa. (And, I have heard that the "send your passport on vacation" businesses are starting to crop up again... caveat emptor on that one, naturally.)

However, if all of this seems too much for you, Cambodia has 1-year tourist visas for sale at around 4,000 baht, and the beach at Sihanoukville is particularly nice, I'm told... or you can go to The Philippines and stay in Angeles City or Cebu for 16 months on a single tourist visa.


Brunty said...

Hey Jil.

I don't know if cost wise it would be any cheaper but the other option is also Savanhkhet across the friendship bridge into Laos near Mukdahan.

It would be a long trip from your area but is another option.

At least you are or will get plenty of frequent fliers points and also Epril will get to see some new places and different countries.

Good to see you are happy and have enjoyed your trip updates.

Jil In Pattaya said...

Is there a Thai consulate or embassy across the Friendship Bridge, or is it just a border crossing?

Brunty said...

No it's a consulate across there.
You submit your passport early in the morning and then You have to stay the night over there in Savanhakhet and pick your passport and visa up the next day from teh consulate.

It's a pretty little palce with cheap hotels and lots of really good tasting beer Laos.

Oh and the eye candy is amazing as well :)