Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pattaya News Roundup

First up, we have the annual bull racing festival in Chonburi. I couldn't really imagine what the appeal is to watching very-undercooked steaks drag racing, but there you have it. Apparently attendance this year (by both bulls and bystanders) was up, and will continue to be a major event in the coming years.

A comedy show will be held at the Sandalay Resort Hotel in Naklua on November 15th to help out the Pattaya Gay Festival Charity. Comedians from England are coming in to entertain the masses, and get the Americans to scratch their heads and wonder what is so funny.

Finally, those arbiters of all things musical, The Copyright Police, performers of the number one hit, "You Pay Me 50,000 Baht Now", and their follow-up hit, "Okay, 20,000 Baht", invited Pattaya City News to follow them around to show that they don't extort money under the table from every restaurant owner they meet.

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