Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Report: Lots of Television

I put in an extra 90 minutes of sleep today, and got to work a little late... and the morning side of my workday was a little weak.

For lunch, Epril and I sat down and watched part 3 of "Pirates of the Caribbean", more so that we could just get it done and over with. Silly movie. It's amazing that cutting any one rope on a pirate ship while holding another rope will launch you skywards to fly willy-nilly around the rigging like Tarzan on amphetamines. I'll have to remember that tidbit next time I'm out swashbuckling.

I put in another 2 hours of work in the afternoon, to finish up on a poor day of work. (As per usual though, a poor day of work these days would have been a perfectly acceptable day of work just 4 or 5 months ago.)

Being Thursday, it was TV night. First was "Modern Marvels", with the history of candy making; then came "Lost Worlds", with ancient societies of the British Isles; then "Mythbusters", busting superhero myths; and then finally "24" (season 5, if you're wondering... so far it seems pretty good).

The weather has been really nice here in Pattaya lately: The cool season is moving in, and high temperatures are getting only to the upper-80's, and there are blue skies with some clouds, and a gentle breeze. Nighttime is particularly nice, with temperatures in the high-70's. November through January is the best time to visit Thailand if you're planning a trip.

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