Sunday, January 27, 2008

Top 100 Stand-Up Comedians Of All Time

Via Crooks and Liars. My favorite comes in at #41: The inimitable Eddie Izzard:

Here are the Crooks and Liars Top Ten Stand Up Commedians from their top-100 list, with links to other videos:
1. Lenny Bruce
2. Richard Pryor
3. Woody Allen
4. Mort Sahl
5. Buddy Hackett
6. George Carlin
7. Eddie Murphy
8. Richard Lewis
9. Robin Williams
10. Rodney Dangerfield



I'm partial to Stephen Wright, Professor Erwin Corey and Emo Phillips.

But I'm weird.

Brunty said...

Jil. Sorry this has nothing to do with the 100 top comedians but is asking some advice on accommodation.

My parents and I are heading to Pattaya and last time stayed near the Cabbages and Condoms resort but dad has seen a place that he likes.

It is in Soi Diana off Second Road called Areca Lodge Hotel and it looks close to Mikes Place. I know that Up2u beer bar is near there.

I have read good reviews on the place but again they can be worth nothing at times. If you recommend anything else please let me know.

Thanks Jil and hope I am not being a pain in the butt.


Jil In Pattaya said...

Hey Brunty,

I know of the Areca Lodge. It's on Soi Diana and seems to be a fairly large hotel... very close to Bob's BBQ, right in the center of town.

I've never seen the rooms, but my friend Mike has business guests stay there when they come to visit, so that could be considered a bit of an endorsement.

When will you be in town?

Brunty said...

Hey JIl. Thanks for the quick reply. I will be there the last week of April and until the 5th of May. About 7 days all up. Youmight have relocated by then but if not it would be great to meet you in peron and go to Bob's BBQ and TQ2.

I read 47 reviews on the hotel and 95 % were good reviews so I think I will book it. You can only try, it won't be any worse than the Asia Pattaya and at least it's a lot closer to all the action in Pattaya.

I liked the picture of your new place in the philiphines up on a mountain by the looks of it and looking over a river.

As long as you keep up your blog when settled in and back in teh groove of everything.