Monday, January 07, 2008

Daily Report: Yeah... The Water Too

Standard morning wake-up routine: Epril wakes up with the alarm, and then climbs on top of me and pokes my nose and nuzzles me and flicks my eyelids. Then, I tickle her until she squeals and giggles. Then we go back to sleep for 20 minutes. Repeat three or four times.

I got the phone turned back on my my house, but the DSL isn't back up yet. I had a moderately poor day of work (as Mondays usually are).

So tell me about your Monday.
In the afternoon, the water ran out. After a week with failing electricity, telephone, and internet, it only makes sense for the water to follow suit. We had the water truck stop by at dinnertime to fill our reserve tank up: 150 baht for 3 cubic meters of cloudy pond water. Sounds like a pretty good racket to me.

In the evening, Geoff and Honey Mae came over. Epril didn't tell them in advance that Monday night is Doctor Who night at the Jil Residence. Perhaps Epril mistakenly thought that I could have a conversation with Geoff and watch Doctor Who at the same time or something. Fortunately, Geoff (who had not seen an episode of Doctor Who in several decades) was immediately enthralled by the new Doctor Who, and the two of us (eventually joined by the two ladies) had 90 minutes of Sci-Fi heaven. (I still miss Christopher Eccleston, who some Sci-Fi guru (can't find the article... dammit Yahoo) agreed with me was the best Doctor Who ever, although this article says that David Tennant, who replaced Christopher, was polled as the favorite Doctor Who) After that, I watched "House".

At least the cable hasn't gone out yet.


TheMindFantastic said...

I think Ill take back the whole liking the fact you can have things turned on lickity split, because the dearth of power, internet, and then water, well... would drive me up the wall. Granted it seems to be a case of all the bills just coming due at once while you were away... still that would be a little nerve wracking... I have gotten used to the convience of Net Access, Water access, and power access without having to think about them much.

Jil In Pattaya said...

Well, the water runs out all the time... about once every 2 months on average. We have a big storage tank out back and we don't use that much water, so there is about 3 or 4 days worth of water stored there. During the dry season, the city probably turns off the water for days at a time to various different neighborhoods while their tanks are full, and gives the flow to other places which don't have water, and vice-versa.

Issarat said...

I hate to be the one to say 'I told you so' about the whole being in love and forgetting to pay your bills but.....
ha ha
Have a good week Jilly.