Sunday, February 25, 2007

Daily Report: Friends Fun Feast

I spent Sunday evening visiting with my new friend, Matt.

Matt reminds me a lot of my friend Steve, who passed away in December... except Matt is Swedish, not Jewish. They both are a few years older than me, they both have been in Thailand for most of their adult lives, they both speak the language and know the culture exceptionally well, and both have lovely families, beautiful homes, and thriving business. Heck... Matt even moreso than Steve in most of those categories.

Matt and I spent the evening watching the A1 "Formula One" style racing series, which was surprisingly entertaining, simply from the sheer number of crashes. (I'm halfway convinced that the drivers are paid to wreck in order to keep the drama level high.) Pot swam in Matt's pool with Matt's 14-year-old son Christopher (who is also a remarkably well-spoken and nice fellow), and Pui spent the evening chatting with Dang, Matt's wife from the Hat Yai area in the south of Thailand.

It really was a nice time. Thank you Matt, if you read this. I look forward to doing it again.

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