Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lonely Beach Party

I came up with the brilliant idea to go out to Ko Larn this weekend. I say it is brilliant because everybody I talked to told me it was brilliant: At one point it looked like we would be chartering 2 extra-large speedboats to ferry some 40-odd persons across to the island.

However, as Saturday came around and I started making confirmation phone calls, I came upon a 100% "thanks, but sorry" rate. Every single person who was so excited on Wednesday and Thursday was either no longer excited, or predisposed... except for Rick and his wife, Stan and his wife, and Pui and I... all toting children.

So Saturday morning comes around, and Da (Rick's wife) backs out, leaving just Stan and I, Pui and Mem, and children. (By the way, Mem leaving the house, let alone going to the beach, is an astounding thing.)

So typical for trying to make plans in Pattaya.

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