Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Britons to America: You're Too British.

In a YouGov poll today, British people showed that their opinion of America had clearly soured in all areas, with some very (ahem... excuse me to all my British friends...) hypocritical accusations leveled against American society.

So lessee... according to the Brits:

Americans are divided by class.
Americans are divided by racism.
America is crime-ridden.
America is obessed with money.
America is led by an "incompetent hypocrite".

Britons are also quite upset that America is becoming an "imperial power seeking world domination." (Well, I'll add that that wouldn't be possible with Georgie's little friend, Tony to help him out and put a friendly face on things.)

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Mike said...

Well from a Brit to an American whom I often rag as being of a species who adopted the english language and fixed it before it was broken, I have to comment on the post. I think you should substitute the words British and Britain for the words American and America because it all fits. Are you not glad like me to be an "International" citizen and left all the crap behind. At least we know what to expect here, no surprises!!