Friday, February 08, 2008

Daily Report: I'm Going To Miss This

I was up nice and early today. Maid Go has been working days at her new employer's house, and evenings here (I don't have that much to do) and had already left by the time I made it downstairs at 7:30.

Epril and I spent the morning in front of the computers, and then at lunchtime, Epril went over to her friend Beth's house for a pinoy picnic with Riza and Honey Mae. I stayed home.

This evening, it was over to Stan's house for our usual cocktails and watching Weakest Link. Then at 7:00 we met up with Jeff, Mark, and Eric at Flamboyant (Pattaya's best restaurant) for dinner. I had the sole while Epril had a steak. Stan and Eric shared the chateaubriand which I sampled, and it was outstanding. We had 3 bottles of a nice cabernet to wash it all down.

After that, Epril and I stopped by to visit with Ray, Sam, and Manfred — as well as Alf, who was visiting from TQ2 — at Shooters. After a couple of rounds there, it was off home to bed.


Anonymous said...

Great music at shooters.I'll have to try Flamboyant, although the Name REALLY SUCKS.


Jil In Pattaya said...

Heh. Well, considering that everyone who works there is gay, and it's in the gay part of town, the name isn't too far misplaced.

Anonymous said...

OOHHHH, well thanks for the heads up. What is that whole back street gay?
Ive never been down there but was at country roads (the one in Jomtien not on pattaya rd)with someone who was scoping out a vacant bar in that little area behind Country Roads. He must know its a gay area, he lives there and owns a cafe'.


Jil In Pattaya said...

Well, not really. It's just the gay area of town. However, there is a bar called Scooby's right across the street with girls... some of them quite cute.

Issarat said...

Yes, WILL miss nights like this.
How much was your dinner?

Bathite said...

i guess i still have to ask why you are leaving Pattaya? It seems you have a large expat group you commune with, is there a similar scene in the Phillippines in the town where you are going to live?

Jil In Pattaya said...

Issarat: Sorry, I didn't see the bill this time. I was being treated out.

Bathite: I'm leaving Pattaya because of the new immigration restrictions, the higher cost of living in Thailand due to the depreciating dollar, the fact that my girlfriend is Filipina, and because the Phillipines is a nice enough place to live.

There is not a "similar scene" in the town where I am going. Pattaya is the world's biggest party town, and nothing compares to that. However, there is a group of expatriates that live there, and they have their regularly-scheduled get-togethers. There is enough to do if you aren't looking to party every night.

bathite said...

ok...i wish you the best man.