Friday, February 29, 2008

No. She. Can't.

Somebody with a few more minutes to spare than I do does the math: At this point, it is statistically impossible for Hillary to win the Democratic nomination for President. Assuming an even split of superdelegates with Obama, Hillary must win 65% of Ohio and 65% of Texas, AND get all of the delegates from Florida and Michigan who were disqualified by the DNC to be counted as well in order to come close enough to Obama to make Pennsylvania meaningful.

Good job America. I think you're going to nominate and elect the right guy for these times and circumstances.


Anonymous said...

I have to give you credit Jil you called it correctly a long time ago. I would have never dreamed what is going on now.

from Jakal

DAGO said...

Too many assumptions, I say if a Half Black man can pull off a Texas win, he’s got it.
But I also say voting for him just because he’s black is just as racist as not voting for him just because he’s black.
There is way to much hype in this area. I’m concerned with the Farrakhan connection. Yes I am saying Texas is racist and Redneck.

Jil In Pattaya said...

"Too many assumptions"? I suppose.

I suppose that it could be called an "assumption" to say that "If Hillary doesn't grow wings, she won't be able to jump off a building and fly", just like it is an assumption to say that "if Hillary can't win 65% of Ohio and Texas, she can't win the nomination."

Do you know of anybody who is voting for Obama because he is black? Nobody has mentioned it on this blog, and I don't think I've heard anybody mention it any place else.

I imagine many black people may be voting for the first black presidential candidate because of his skin color... but then lots of Americans are rooting for "Miss USA" at the "Miss World" contest. It's not that surprising.

The "Farrahkan connection" is laughable. Obama attends a church in Chicago whose church magazine and pastor gave Farrakhan an award of some kind. Obama said most recently, "I have been ... a consistent denunciator of Louis Farrakhan." To quote Alan Colmes: "Is it fair to talk about where Barack Obama goes to church, who his pastor associates with, whether his pastor has a relationship with Louis Farrakhan, having nothing to do with Barack Obama? Is that fair game?"

Now, on the other hand, you want to talk about a real sticky connection, that would be John McCain's buddy-buddy relationship with John Hagee, an anti-Catholic televangelist. Unlike Obama who has made it quite clear that he rejects Farrakhan's support and anti-semetic views, McCain has taken quite a bit of pride of receiving the endorsement of America's biggest anti-Catholic bigot.

Texas may be racist and redneck, but just remember that it is also very, very Black and very, very Latino... and those people sure as hell aren't going to vote for a guy who is a member of a party which has been spending the last 2 years perpetually pelting the American public with talk about the "evil illegal Mexicans."

DAGO said...

Yea, too many assumptions. And yes I do believe Pigs can fly. Look the way I see it, if she wins Texas and ALL the rest, she can pull it off.

May be I miss spoke when I used the word "AREA" I didn't mean here on this site, I meant in general, I’m not a McCain supporter either. I believe he is just more of the same and there is no way he made it through his Vietnam experience without serious psychological issues ( No disrespect meant to VNV's). I do however feel he is the most qualified of the candidates.

One thing I do know is something Obama said in an interview keeps ringing in my head. When asked if he lost this bid if he would run again. He said he and his wife talked about that very question and she said this is the right time for him because they are in a certain orbit in life they wont be in later.....I Like that.

About the racism issue, I work in a pretty diverse enviroment, there seems to be an even split on the racism issue between blacks and whites, the only difference is the blacks have the race card and they pull it out every chance they get, time and time again. And no matter what they ALWAYS, 100% of the time that I have seen ALWAYS get away with it, and they know it.

Right now I’m swaying to Obama ONLY because he’s an outsider and
intelligent. How much more damage can he really do if he crashes and burns? But how much can he accomplish if he wins????
I am sick and tired of the direction my country is going. Government and government agencies are out of control and I’m tired of getting raped. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!!!

Andy said...

yewwwww I wish we understood all this . Delegates, super delegates etc whatever happened to good old one party member one vote?? Is simple toooo simple or something?

I am probably typical of most Europeans who feel closer to Democrats than Republicans but don't actually understand the difference between the two.

Can anyone enlighten me? Is there any actual fundamental policy difference? I mean historical ones.

We have Socialists, Conservatives and Liberals and the names basically sum up the whole picture.

Feeling here (waste of time that could be mind you) is that the USA wont actually go out and vote for either a black guy or a woman thus handing the Republicans the next presidency on a plate.