Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update On The Move

Well, things are slowly getting smoothed out here for the upcoming move. Epril and I will be leaving Pattaya, Thailand on March 1st, moving to Cagayn De Oro in The Philippines. We've got the house (see below), and the view (see below). The cable is connected, the phone is working, and my landlord has just finished giving the inside of house some TLC, and everything is sparkling and ready for our arrival.

As for the blog, this one isn't going to be updated that much anymore. However, it will be here for posterity for all eternity as far as I know. I've got a new blog set up, "Jungle Jil" (name chosen by Epril, actually) which is currently sitting empty, waiting for the first entries. Once I get moved and settled in, I'll start posting again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jil-
Will we be able to read Jungle Jil by still coming to this site?
I look forward to my daily dose of Jil and don't want to miss any entries!
-A Fan

Jil In Pattaya said...

Nope. When you come to this site, it will be just as you see it now. The new blog is at http://junglejil.blogspot.com/

Nothing there yet... just an empty template that I'll mess around with when I get some time.

star said...

same price as your current residence in patters?

Jil In Pattaya said...

Good question.

I just added it all together. With the rent, utilities, internet, and live-in maid, the new place should cost about 36,000 baht per month.

The place I am in now, all together with rent, utilities, internet, and live-in maide, is about 34,000 baht per month.

So: Yes, about the same price.

star said...

both bargains
dont know how you find/blag them

bet your last place with the pool was a bit more pricey though

Jil In Pattaya said...

Yes. I was bummed to leave that place. It was 65,000 per month, but that was back when the baht was 42 to the dollar. When the baht reached 36 to the dollar, I moved.

Considering that that place was about 6 times the size of the place I'm living in now, and it was a 7 minute trip from the bar stool in TQ2 to my bed, it was a pretty good deal.

Brunty said...

Jil, I look forward to seeing the new blog up and running and your new adventure in life with Epril.

I wish you best of luck and have enjoyed your Pattaya blog and also commentary on American politics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jil,
I used to read your blog regulary untill well, busy schedules at work. It has been nice read when I followed it. Now that I came back after hmm, about 3 months I realised reading throught your January blog entries that you're doing the move to Philippines. Well, I found some "sudden" declaration of your family plans from the entry on 28th of January with one stated reason to do so, the hassle of visa runs. But nothing else.

So, uh, why the move? :)Have you shared more about the background somewhere how and why did you come to this decision to jump the ship? So I could go back to the right blog entries to read more. :)

I found out from your entry that atleast accomodation expenses are the same in Philippines, what about other expenses etc. Visa runs? (You briefly mentioned about this too about 16 months etc and 3000 pesos too)

Just interested person as I have seen people proclaiming their intentions to "make the move" on Thaivisa recently for example due to various reasons...And you are for real doing so and not just blowing of steam. :)

- kv

Richard said...

The best of luck to both of you. I'll miss the Pattaya information you provided.

Issarat said...

Good luck on the move Jil; when can I come to visit?

Contractor said...

wow..thats about $1300 usd a month....definitely not cheap for the phils. But then again,it does look like a nice place.

tamworth said...

1300 USD? Holy cow..I live in the San Francisco Bay area and spend 1100...you must be spending half your monthly income on rent..

I think that's crazy...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jil,
It's time for change. I am happy for Epril and you. I also live in SF Bay Area and wish that $1300USD would pay for rent, all utilities, internet, and live-in maid in the bay area.

aussie sabrina said...

i say good on you for having the courage to try and live life somewhere different. i will miss your pattaya talks, but look forward to learning more about the phillipines.

Jil In Pattaya said...

Contractor, Tamworth:

It's not $1,300. 36,000 baht is about $1,100. The actual cost is:

$750 per month in rent.
$175 per month electricity.
$50 per month cable.
$50 per month telephone/internet.
Live in Maid.

Contractor said...

Sorry, I was tying in Baht to Peso and still haven't updated my phone converter to the recent peso drop on the USD.

My expenses on Boracay are:

30,000 P = $738 in rent.
3,000 P = $73.80 electricity.
2,750 P = $67.73 cable/400 kps internet package.
350 P = $8.62 water

No gardener or garden.
The only maid is my housemates girlfriend, if she feels like it. Four bedrooms but mostly empty and we had to do some work on the place because the landlords refuse to speak english when repair issues come up.

hmmm...looks like our bills are pretty close and you have a much nicer setup. Dang, my lease isn't up until October.

I'll trade ya..you want a vacation place on Boracay for a month? I could definitely do your digs. Oh, ya, and theres this issue of my place being slightly uphill and in the jungle and the nearest paved road several hundred meters away.

Sweet...so anyway, get started on that new blog! I like your writing style about the everyday events.

ski insurance said...

all the best at the new place:)

DAGO said...

I just cant over that view......