Friday, February 15, 2008

A Video Response To C&L Late Night Music

Crooks & Liars put the Cocteau Twins on their Late Night Music Club tonight, which immediately made me think of another lesser-known but equally interesting band from 4AD Records during the 1980s: Dead Can Dance (introduced to me, if I remember correctly, by a certain J.I.P. reader and very old friend of mine).

Anyway, if mystic/gothic is a flavor that interests you, check out "Rakim" below.

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Vern said...

Dead Can Dance - great stuff. I just found out you were leaving Thailand. Seems like an exodus lately. Who is next I wonder... me? Your pad in PI looks quite acceptable, I'm not shedding any tears for you. I'll link to your TH blog with my new site (revised) and wish you luck with the Pinays and Pinoys. Oh, I'll tell some friends to find your new blog - they live in Manilla and Angeles. Good luck there... Vern