Friday, August 26, 2005


I took Toom to the kitchen store today. When I first moved into this new house and the kitchen was empty, Ning (the ex) went by herself to Big C and bought cheap shit, such as the tin frying pan that was rusting after just the fourth or fifth washing.

So, slowly but surely, I have been replacing the stuff that Ning bought with stuff that costs 5 times as much... but will last 100 times as long.

Today, we bought a nice 14-inch skillet with a glass top, an 8-inch skillet, and a 5-liter pot. All nice burnished steel on the bottom, chrome finish on the sides, and solid plastic grips on the handles. Oh... also some really swish chrome-like silverware where all the handles are round and the size of pencils.

When we were finished at the kitchen store, it was raining, so we walked next door to Foodland were I bought some Absolut Citron and olives. Yes indeedy: Martinis tonight!

I guess I'm going down to Chantaburi the weekend after this coming weekend... Jeep, Toom, me and Mr. Khieo going to visit a shrimp farm. I'll also be getting a course in Ruby selection from one of Toom's friends who is a gem dealer.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Them Crazy Kids

Two friends of mine got married this past Saturday. To say it was a surprise is an understatement. "What's Gary up to?" "Oh, as of about 8 hours ago, he's married." "Yeah right. To who?" "Gob." "You're joking."

Gary is one of my favorite Pattaya characters... From London, and good looking in a way that makes you think, "If he just had a smudge of axle grease on his forehead, and a cut on his left cheek, he'd look perfect." Also, a member of the hard-drinking trio along with Jan and Geoff, sitting down after a hard day's work to put away half a pint... of whiskey. Great personality... warm and friendly, like a favorite bartender.

Gob (pron "Goab") is my most favorite of Pattaya characters... Looking at her face, and you know instantly that the girl is a riot. One blast of that smile, that klaxon-like laugh. She has an ability to say things that farangs actually find hysterically, cleverly funny... like questioning Jan's highland accent. "What you say? Buth? What is buth? You want say 'both', yes? Why you talk funny?" A group of 10 of us went to Pattaya's largest club one night, and we were sitting there in a crowd of about 2500 people listing to one of Thailand's top singers. In between songs, the singer hears Gob's laugh. Looking out from stage over the crowd: "Gob? Is that you?"

Anyway, Gob was with Dietmer, the quietest, dullest German guy you could ever hope to meet. When Dietmer was in Germany, and Gob and Gary were drunk, Gob and Gary would inevitably wind up together. Drunk people do that. It's they way things work in Pattaya.

However... to just up-and-marry one day? "I think that Gob is going to call Dietmer tomorrow," my friend Rick told me.

Well... they make one hell of a couple.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So what was Pat Robertson thinking yesterday? How great it would be if our government assissinated Hugo Chavez, the (bit of a dick, but democratically-elected) president of Venezuela.

I wonder if Pat Robertson would have wet himself if President Chavez returned the favor by placing a $10 million bounty on Robertson's head? I actually have to give Hugo credit that he didn't.

(It's reasons like that that I will never make a good elected official.)

Over The Counter

Quitting smoking was a complete nonevent. I just moseyed down to the drug store and picked up some mind-altering drugs that made smoking quite irrelevant to me. (Plus some Nicorette gum, just in case.)

Actually, I like the Thai drug-store approach of "if you need it, I'll sell it to you". Granted, they don't sell narcotics or strong psychotropic meds to you (I tried), but everything else is fine... which makes sense. Seriously: Why the hell do you need a prescription for cholesterol-lowering medications? I mean who wakes up and says, "To hell with the doctor telling me I'm as fit as a fiddle! I think I shall lower my serum LDL to obscene levels! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the chemist for my Lipitor fix!"

Anyway... for those smokers out there, try Zyban. It works. Sorry, but if you're in America, you'll need a prescription... unlike Marlboros which are OTC.

Beta Testing Version 3.0

Can you hear me mom?